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Support Unit Classes

Students in our Support Unit Classes are given support and care to ensure they receive the right learning tools to equip them for life after Lansvale East.

Have a look at what students in the classes enjoy learning at our school.

M Great love to learn about new topics and are learning to share their ideas with others. They are enthusiastic learners who enjoy completing hands-on activities and celebrating their learning! M Great love playing with their friends.

P Kind love to share their learning and enjoy working on a range of different topics and activities. They enjoy creative art activities and have shown great skills in this area. The students are great helpers who enjoy helping other students.

H Wonder enjoy listening to stories and learning to read, write and count. They enjoy circle time, music and sports lessons. The students like playing with their friends in the playground.

F Friendship have been working hard at listening to stories, counting and following their daily timetable. They love listening to music and playing on the equipment. 

Z Powerful have been working hard on developing their literacy and numeracy skills.  The students love participating in art activities. They enjoy playing with their friends.